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What Does a Minimalist House Look Like?

Key Summary Minimalism is a lifestyle and design philosophy focused on simplicity, intentionality and the elimination of excess. Implementing minimalism in your home requires careful

What Is An Ottoman Used For?

An ottoman is a padded seat or bench with storage space below and is traditionally used as a type of seating-cum-storage solution. Made from a

50 Coffee Tables with Hidden Storage

Our Top 3 Favourites We’ve selected 50 great coffee tables all with storage options for you but first check out our top 3 favourite designs

How To Style A Coffee Table Tray

If you want to inject some new life into your living space but don’t want to redecorate,  take a look at changing what you have

Why Do Wine Racks Lean Forward?

There’s a good reason why wine racks lean forward. It’s all about keeping that vintage wine in good condition.  Essentially any wine that has a

How To Style Coffee Table Books

Everyone has heard of a coffee table book but what actually are they and more importantly how do you style them like a pro? In

35 Types Of Coffee Table

Coffee tables are a home furniture essential, and they go beyond a place to pop your drink down. From storage options to display tables, a

10 Other Uses For Wine Racks

What better way to get your wine rack back in shape than with one of these great ideas?   If you’re looking for other uses

12 Garden Room Sofa Ideas

If you are using your summer house for a separate living or lounging area you will no doubt want to make it both stylish and

How do I chose a comfortable chair?

How do I choose a comfortable chair? Choosing a comfortable chair can be difficult if you don’t know where to start. Maybe your back is

How To Choose Bedding

After you’ve decided on the colours for the walls and floors, you’ll need to figure out the best bedding combinations.   In this article, we

How To Dress A Sofa With A Throw

For us, going to a well-designed hotel starts with the lobby or lounge. They’re there to make the first impression – and when it comes

50 Different And Unusual Lighting Ideas

Are you getting bored with your lighting and fancy a change? Although lighting isn’t the first thing you consider  when thinking about your home decor,

How To Style A Glass Coffee Table

Glass is a wonderful medium for a coffee table.  It reflects light and maximises the feeling of spaciousness within your living space.  It can be

21 Space Saving Coffee Tables

Short of space but still want to have a coffee table?  Whether you want a smaller table or a dual purpose table that incorporates storage,

The 20 Coolest Wine Racks In 2022

Whether you are a red, white or rosé fan, where and how you store your wine is something to take seriously – especially when updating

11 Alcove Lighting Ideas

Alcoves and niches play a large part in home design, particularly in bathrooms and kitchens.  They create interest by breaking up otherwise boring, straight walls

coffee table height

Find the perfect coffee table height

The coffee table is the unsung hero of the modern home. This multipurpose piece of furniture serves more as a necessity than a luxury item.

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