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How To Mix And Match Sofas And Chairs Like A Pro

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Choosing living room furniture can be a stressful task, and it can be an even bigger challenge finding a set of sofas and chairs to match your decor. Often, matching sets are very expensive and you may end up paying a premium, even though it’s not exactly what you were looking for.


But did you know your living room can look fabulous even if the sofas and chairs don’t match? Top interior designers from around the world use a variety of fabrics, colour and patterns on furniture to create a memorable and effective look. It can even be done on a budget.

Can You Mix Sofas And Chairs?

In order to mix sofas and chairs while keeping a classy and sophisticated look, as if the sofa’s were intended to be a set, consider using complementary colours while keeping the fabric the same.


A good example is this pair, which both feature a button detailing on the back rest but showcase a velvet style fabric

yellow chair and brown sofa

The two colours of these pieces bring a warmth and ambience to the room, while looking expensive and put together. For effect, alternating coloured cushions could be used on each chair to emphasise the contrast even further. 



  • Matching fabrics simplifies the search
  • Great value
  • No build required


  • Limited colours available
  • Long delivery time
  • Expensive delivery

Another great example is this stylish combination, a slightly more luxurious option but one that will create drama and comfort in your home effortlessly.

Combined chair sofa john lewis

The green and navy provide a dark, intense combination of colours with the gold metal frame of the armchair and the legs on the sofa adding a sense of luxury while tying the two pieces together. These classic colours will never go out of style, making your living room furniture timeless and future-proof. 



  • Luxurious look and feel
  • Matching hardware 
  • Save on delivery by ordering from the same place
  • Quick delivery


  • Assembly needed
  • Limited colours available
  • May be out of budget for some

Does Your Chair Have To Match Your Sofa?

There is no clear-cut rule that states you have to match your sofa and chairs. However these lay the foundations for the character and feel of the room. If you do decide to go down this route it can have the added benefit of bringing out your personality and give the room a distinct design.  


If you want to take it one step further, you could do the opposite of matching your chair and sofa  by choosing a different style of chair to match your sofa, remember to take into account materials, fabrics and design.

Mixing chair with sofa different colour

The contrasting styles of these two make for a cheerful pairing which wouldn’t look out of place in a converted barn or a loft style apartment in the city. The vibrant patchwork fabric of the armchair next to the cool beige tones of the sofa bring a necessary splash of colour to the set, and leave the door open for other items of mix and match furniture to arrive. 



  • Natural, woven fabrics
  • Quick delivery
  • Prioritises comfort
  • Range of colours available


  • Partial assembly required
  • Not to everyone’s taste
  • Footstool not included

Can You Mix Leather And Fabric Sofas?

Mixing leather and fabric furniture in your home can be tricky, but there are some interior design hacks that will allow you to achieve this look with style and intent. The most important factor is that there are equal amounts of leather and fabric items. For example, for every chair/sofa that is leather, there must be another that is fabric. 


You can also tie in the look by including fabric cushions on your leather furniture that watches the fabric of your furniture.

matching a fabric and leather sofa

With the dark green sofa as the main centerpiece of the room, this brown leather armchair compliments it nicely as a secondary feature placed to the side or diagonally facing the sofa. The silver stud detailing on the arm chair gives a rustic feel against the brown leather, while the velvet fabric sofa softens it delicately. 



  • Timeless design
  • Sofa seats up to 4 people
  • Long warranty period on the sofa


  • Sofa has a slow delivery time
  • Chair is faux leather

Can You Mix Wooden With Traditional?

For those who prefer to keep away from trends like bright colours, patterns and fabrics, a more traditional style sofa could be suited to you. Many traditional sofas are leather, while traditional chairs are wooden, so can this pair really match well in the modern day?


The classic styles of the pair below show how you can bring a mature and sophisticated look into your home with effortless style.

wooden chair with traditional sofa

These two pair well together as they both appear to be high quality, mature pieces that might be seen in a prestigious office or a five star hotel lobby. The deep-seated tan leather sofa alongside the fabric burnt orange armchair seem as though they were made for each other despite being physically opposite. 



  • Tan leather is easy to maintain and ages well
  • Natural materials of high quality
  • Fast delivery
  • Traditional style


  • Limited colours available
  • Assembly required
  • High end budget

In summary, while it might be easy to choose a matching chair and sofa, or as close to it as possible, it can be much more effective to choose something a little different from your sofa. Be brave and choose loud patterns and colours to make a statement or stay subtle with similar textures and fabrics. Whatever your choice, after reading these tips no doubt your choice will be timeless and stylish. Good luck!dew

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