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10 Modern Coffee Table Flower Arrangements

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Coffee tables are a great space to inject personality into your living room.  A table flower arrangement is the perfect solution- offering colour, height and visual appeal. 


We all want catalogue worthy décor displays and it is actually an easier aesthetic to create than one might first think. Read on, as we show you how to create the perfect coffee table flower arrangement.

How do you arrange flowers on a table?

When it comes to styling a coffee table, there are a variety of options from candles to coffee table books, but if you ask me, nothing beats the addition of a floral arrangement. Coffee table flower arrangements can tie in colours from the rest of the room whilst introducing height and texture. The basic rules in flower arrangements are:

  • Maintaining proportion
  • Keeping harmony throughout the room
  • Creating a unified, balanced arrangement


A great way to style small table flower arrangements is by adding ornaments and stacked books. Adding in angular shapes from books and trays will help to add contrast to the soft shape of flowers.


For those with square tabletops, opt for a statement vase with rounded lines to offset the sharper ones. Style with coffee table books, trinket boxes or even a folded throw. If you have a round coffee table, style in a more triangular shape, sticking to the rule of three. 


For more individuality, consider single stems of artificial flowers for arranging but for ease, there are  many great pre-made floral arrangements suitable for a variety of room styles to make your coffee table fancy!

10 coffee table flower arrangements

1. Small Arrangement

Small flower arrangements for tables where there is less space available or those simply wanting a more discreet display would suit something shorter. Subtle displays with 6-8 stems would work well, using colour for impact and a clear vase to keep things light and delicate.

Source: Pinterest

2. Pampass Grass

Opt for an “of-the-moment” pampas grass display for added elegance. The fluffy texture helps to counteract harsher lines in the room. Mirror the shape of your vase, like this display (Wayfair, £31.99) with a smaller decorative accessory for a chic, modern look.

3. Potted Plants

Add a touch of vibrant green to your room space when other colours are out of the equation. Potted plants go well whatever the theme of your room. The texture of a fern is always visually pleasing and you could offset the softer shapes of the fern with a concrete effect planter.

Source: Pinterest

4. Country Home Arrangements

For period homes and cottages, opt for beautifully soft ruffled flowers such as roses or peonies. This display complements the rustic table and country home decor perfectly whilst maintaining the softness of the overall room.

Source: Pinterest

5. Minimalist Flowers

Nothing suits minimalist and modern homes quite like an orchid, opt for a crisp white display paired with some coffee table books for a real play with heights that adds some visual interest to the table.

Source: Pinterest

6. Stems

Eucalyptus stems, with delicate sage green tones, work well in light, airy homes with Scandi vibes. Style solo like these ones from La Redoute, £24, or use as a filler for more colourful displays.

7. Dried Flowers

Dried flower arrangements bring some serious texture to your coffee table. The tones of dried flowers work great in neutral homes.

Source: Instagram

8. Colourful Flowers

Rustic coffee tables, typically made from wood, can handle a colour injection. Opt for a statement bouquet that offers a contrasting pop of colour to your table.

Source: Pinterest

9. Unique floral displays

Eclectic designed rooms also suit pops of colour, think jewel tones or an eye-catching rich array of colours.

Source: Pinterest

10. Long Table Flowers

Long table flower arrangements can be harder to cater but don’t be shy! Choose an equally lengthy floral display for maximum impact such as this peony display, Wayfair £54.99.

How do you make cheap flower arrangements?

The cost of fresh bouquets can be off-putting so instead consider an artificial flower arrangement. Sometimes these can seem pricey, but unlike their real counterparts, the obvious advantage to a faux display is that it won’t die. Low maintenance, affordable and a style you love that will keep forever- what’s not to love?!

How do you make a simple flower centrepiece? Step-by-step guide

Use these 6 basic principles of floral design to create a magnificent coffee table flower arrangement:

  1. Choose your arrangement style
  2. Select flowers (and prep if using fresh!). How many flowers are in a table arrangement depends on the style you pick; however, for larger arrangements you’ll need 25-30 stems. A small display needs 6-8.
  3. Pick an appropriately sized vase
  4. Start with greenery as a base. Place in the shape of an inverted triangle
  5. Add larger flowers to create a focal point
  6. Use smaller flowers to fill gaps

Final thoughts

Nothing quite breathes life into a room quite like a flower display, play with height, texture, and colour to find perfect blooms that personalise your space!

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