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15 Stunning Kitchen Color Schemes With Grey Floors

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color schemes for kitchen with grey floors
Grey floors in kitchens are a great choice as they’re highly versatile and easy to maintain. Once your kitchen flooring is installed, you’ll want to think about what colour cabinets and wall colours go with your grey floors. To maintain a visually pleasing and homely aesthetic, you’ll want to avoid colour clashes and create seamless blends between flooring, walls and cupboards, so use this handy guide to kitchen colour schemes with grey floors to help you on your way!

What Colours Go Best With Grey Floors?

Firstly, ascertain whether you have a warm or cooler-toned grey floor as this will help you decide on a colour palette. 

Cool toned grey floors match well with other cool hues such as greens and blues whilst warmer greys are better suited to reds, oranges, browns, or even natural wood. The easiest approach is to stick with a neutral colour that all grey tones will suit, such as black, beige, white, or a different shade of grey.

Colours Schemes for Grey Floors

1. Black

You might be put off by the idea of combining a black kitchen with grey flooring for fear of it being too dark but, styled in the right way, this makes for a beautiful space.


It’s a sophisticated colour pairing that allows for pops of colour through accessories, and the dark colour works to make spaces appear larger.


If you ever get bored, you can switch out the accessories for something else without the expense of a kitchen refit!


  • Makes spaces look larger
  • Easy to update with new accessories



  • Can be overwhelming

2. Grey Cabinets

Whilst we wouldn’t advise you to exactly match the grey of your cabinets to your flooring, grey kitchens with grey floors really do work!


If you have dark floors, then you could consider a lighter grey cabinet, as this will help to balance the space, providing a flawless blend to the room.


If you have light grey floors, then go for a charcoal cupboard but be warned – light floors show dirt more easily than dark ones!


  • Stylish
  • Blends the floor seamlessly
  • Balances space



  • Can be bland if you don’t get enough of a difference in the shades of grey

3. Grey Walls

If you aren’t a fan of grey cabinets, then you could tie the flooring in by using a pale grey on your walls and keeping the cupboards white. It will create an elegant contrast and provide a contemporary finish. Introduce accessories, such as potted plants, to add pops of colour that provide more depth to the kitchen.


  • Elegant
  • Contemporary



  • Can lack depth

4. White

A timeless choice, you really can’t go far wrong by matching white with grey floors especially as it helps to brighten a room. After all, who doesn’t want a light and airy kitchen?


You can find a wide range of white cabinets to suit any style, from modern to farmhouse, all whilst creating the illusion of space. Choosing a staple colour, like white, to work with your grey floors will ensure that your kitchen is always stylish.


If you want a more trend-led, modern white kitchen with grey floors then switch out smaller elements, such as accessories, and add in ‘of-the-moment’ shades, instead.



  • Light and airy
  • Suits all kitchen styles



  • Harder to keep clean

5. Beige

Another classic shade, beige will not only stand the test of kitchen time but also helps to break up the grey hues of the floor, producing a warm, cohesive style.


An alternative way to introduce beige into the room is to use it on the walls and keep the cupboards white to give a brighter feel whilst still retaining a stylish finish.


  • Timeless
  • Warms the space 



  • Can be difficult to create visual interest

6. Monochrome

As black and white sit both sides of grey on the colour spectrum, a monochrome kitchen colour scheme will work to enhance grey floors and make it a real feature in the room. You can action the monochrome scheme in whichever way you see fit.


One way is to have two-tone cupboards, as this kitchen below shows, or to use black cupboards and white walls. Keep to soft grey flooring, like this marble tiling, to avoid overwhelming the space.


Monochrome is a bold look so if you want to tone down the sharp contrasts then you can soften it by introducing more tones, for example, gold accents, in areas like lighting and hardware.



  • Statement look
  • Multiple ways to achieve this style



  • Can be too harsh for a room
  • Stark contrast look (although this can also be a positive depending on personal preference)

7. Blue

Cool-toned grey floors work perfectly with blue cabinets (or walls) to create a calming kitchen environment. The darker the grey of the floor, the darker the blue of your cabinets should be to ensure the two shades work in harmony. If you are looking for a relaxed, homely colour (that isn’t neutral) then this could be the one for you!


  • Creates a relaxing environment
  • Blends well with grey



  • Lacks warmth
  • Bold tone

8. Green

Using green in kitchens with grey floors will help to create a fresh, vibrant feeling that reflects nature within the room. The earthy, on-trend tones of sage green sit well with a cool-toned grey floor to leave a sleek, tranquil-feeling kitchen space.


Add metallic touches, in either silver or rose gold, to offer tonal contrast. You could keep walls neutral in an off-white shade or even paint them a darker grey than the flooring to allow the cabinets to pop.



  • Tranquil
  • Sleek



  • On-trend colour means it might not be stylish over time

9. Brown

Although many wonder if brown goes with grey, warmer-toned grey floors will definitely suit brown kitchens. Although brown kitchens typically come from using wood cabinets, if you want something more striking and modern, then opt for brown acrylic cabinets like the one pictured. The dark cupboards create a highly-stylish environment and work perfectly to blend the slate grey floor tiles. Pops of marble within the room cement the elegant finish.


  • Unusual
  • Stylish



  • Could look dated over time
  • Acrylic cupboards are less durable than wood

10. Wood

Wood tones complement warm grey shades of flooring and as such, would be ideal to use as kitchen cabinets with your grey floor.


If you have exposed brick in your kitchen,then  consider adding black accents to create an industrially-themed kitchen space. Or, if it’s a light and airy room you’re after, then paint the walls white, introduce white accessories and add some greenery for a fresh, vibrant look.


  • Suits a wide range of styles
  • Durable



  • Natural wood is more susceptible to water damage
  • Can darken a space if using darker woods

11. Red

If you are after a more energetic shade to go with your grey floors, then choose a vivid red, high-gloss cabinet. This modern approach to kitchen décor would create a warm, inviting kitchen and is a great pairing to complement warm-toned grey floors.


For those not wanting the shock pop of colour, opt for a red wall and pair with classic cherry wood cabinets, allowing the grey floor to balance out the red tones.


  • Energetic
  • Warming
  • Balancing



  • Can be hard to accessorise a bold colour

12. Purple

A more unusual alternative to blue and green for cool-toned grey floors, some red-toned purple tones also work well with warmer shades making this a versatile, yet quirky choice.


Soft purple shades paired with grey floors offer a subtle way of using colour without dominating your kitchen space.


Keep walls to a soft, neutral shade or just plain white to avoid overcomplicating things and to allow your cupboard-floor combo to shine.



  • Unique
  • Works for cool and warm toned floors



  • Not a timeless look
  • Hard to source purple kitchen cabinets

13. Navy

Navy is a classic statement colour, and this dark, cool blue shade lends itself perfectly to cooler-toned grey flooring. This shade can really help to add some depth to your kitchen space, either on the walls or on the cabinets. If you opt to use navy as a wall colour, then keep the cupboards white to brighten the space and allow the walls to blend seamlessly with the floor.



  • Classic
  • Elegant



  • Won’t work with warm greys

14. Cream

Cream kitchens with grey floors offer a stylish pairing that will stand the test of time and provide a light, airy alternative to the starker tones of white.  Perfect for more traditionally-styled kitchens, use a pale cream on the walls alongside your cream cabinets and grey flooring to provide a perfectly balanced contrast.


  • Good for traditional homes
  • Timeless



  • Hard to keep cream clean

15. Taupe

Taupe is a combination of grey and brown which means it blends well with grey kitchen flooring. It brings elegance and warmth to a space making it an inviting shade to pair with grey floors.


Taupe kitchen cupboards are a stylish substitute to more traditional neutrals such as white, cream or beige and offer a contemporary finish when paired with a grey floor.


  • Subtle
  • Modern neutral


  • Doesn’t offer much difference to grey

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Grey Flooring a Good Idea?

Grey flooring is a great idea in a kitchen as this neutral shade works well with many colour schemes, giving you real versatility in how you style your space. This adaptable nature is what makes grey floors so popular, along with it being an easy-to-maintain shade. Choose grey kitchen tiles for a highly durable, easy-clean finish.

What are the Best Wall Paint Colours for Grey Floors?

Ultimately, the shade you choose for your wall will depend on the colour of the cabinets you have matched to your grey flooring. You can never go far wrong with white, whatever the colour of your cabinets, and white walls always help grey floors stand out.

Here are a couple of our personal favourites:


Grey floors are a timeless choice for kitchens and can help to balance a space out. Their versatile nature and array of tones will suit a variety of colour schemes that will leave you with a stylish yet practical room for cooking, eating, and more!

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