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Where To Put A Wine Rack In The House

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Whether it’s with an evening meal or enjoyed with a friend after a busy day to relax, a glass of wine is an essential in most adults’ homes. But, while few of us have the means to house our very own wine cellar, we can all find the space for a quintessential wine rack somewhere. 
Now, where to put it? This article will reveal where to put a wine rack in your home, as well as some suggestions on which to buy.

Can I Put a Wine Rack in the Living Room?

Absolutely! Not only can this make for a shorter journey to fetch your next drink, it can also appear as a decorative piece in your living space, impressing guests with a varied collection of wines. Whether you’re aiming for a discrete or flamboyant look, these wine racks will be sure to look great in your living room.

Sitting comfortably on the floor of your living room, disguised as a sideboard, this wine rack will comfortably house your collection of up to 16 wine bottles while creating a homey atmosphere with its soft wood finish.


• Comes ready assembled
• Sturdy, made of solid wood
• Comes with 1 year warranty


• Only available in colour truffle & oak
• Not ideal for small spaces
• Only compatible with standard bottles

Chic and stylish in appearance, this wine rack will be sure to look suave and sophisticated in any living room while providing a substantial amount of storage for your wine bottles. With 37 five star reviews, you can’t go wrong with this one!


• Carved by hand
• Made of mango wood
• Beautiful design


• Only available in one colour
• May be unsteady on carpet
• Only compatible for wine bottles

Where do you put wine in the kitchen?

It’s best to store your wine together in the same place until you are ready to serve it. For red bottles, these can remain in the storage space until serving but white and rose bottles should be put in the fridge to chill at least one hour before serving. 


It is also best practice to store wine bottles close to the floor where the air is most cool. If you have a pantry or a larder to store dry food, this is a good place to keep your wine too. But even better, a kitchen wine rack.

A perfect addition to your kitchen worktop, this wine rack is ready to go instantly, and for a very fair price. While it might not be large enough for committed wine collectors, it’s ideal for those who enjoy the odd glass with dinner, and is certainly easy on the eye.



• Made with alloy steel

• Affordable & practical

• Quality oak handle



• Only holds six bottles

• Not suitable for large bottles 

• One colour available

This rack will sit nicely in the nooks and crannies of any kitchen and hold a very respectable amount of wine, preparing you for any occasion. Keeping the bottles close to the ground means your wine will remain at the perfect temperature, preserving its quality for longer.


• Space for larger bottles
• Comes pre-assembled
• Quality wood finish


• Might not fit in every kitchen
• Not suitable for houses with young children
• May get damaged over time

Where should wine be stored in a small house?

While some homes may have plenty of space for storing wine, those living in cities or smaller properties might be looking for a more innovative option in order to save on space and improve practicality. The first port of call in a small house would be in a cupboard, perhaps in the hallway or underneath some stairs. 


If neither of these are an option, there are plenty of places to store wine in a small property that might not have occurred to you.

Sleek and sophisticated, this wine rack will attract attention in any small home while fitting snugly against any wall, just be sure that it’s not above a radiator. Available in many sizes, this rack is suitable for wine drinkers at all levels and shows your guests exactly which wine you like to drink.


• Sophisticated, impressive design
• Made with steel
• Available in satin black or brushed nickel


• Bottles may get knocked off
• Expensive
• Standard bottle size only

Choosing the right wine rack for your house can be a tricky task, but accounting for the space in your home and the volume of wine that you drink should give some indication as to which rack is best for you. Whatever you choose, just remember that life is too short for bad wine.

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