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Does Your Coffee Table Have To Match Your TV Stand?

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Furnishing your living room can seem overwhelming at times; it’s a room you will spend a lot of time in, so the pressure is on to get it right. From small decorative details to larger statement pieces such as the couch. There’s so much to consider and you want to get it right.


When it comes to larger pieces of furniture such as your coffee table and TV stand, you may be wondering if they must match? Simply put, no they don’t have to match. Whilst, of course, they can, it is not essential that they are a matching set. We would however advise that the two items complement each other and work in harmony as mismatched furniture can make a room seem off balance and overcrowded.

Be Height Aware

Whilst your coffee table doesn’t have to match your TV stand, you should consider its height next to the sofa. To keep the proportions on point, make sure the coffee table doesn’t come above the seating cushions on the couch- any higher than this and it can leave a disjointed feeling to the space. 


How to coordinate coffee table and tv stand

For a cohesive living room design, coordinate the height of your coffee table and TV stand. Ensure your coffee table is no higher than the sofa cushions, and keep it lower than your TV stand to avoid blocking the TV view. Aim for a TV height of 107cm from the ground and a lower coffee table for a visually balanced room with furniture dimensions that complement each other.

Can you have a living room without a coffee table?

Whilst a coffee table is a common feature of most living spaces, there is no rule to say you need to have one. 


Some living spaces simply don’t have the space for it and others would prefer not to take up valuable floor space with one. To ensure the living space remains comfortable and functional a surface would still need to be available. Alternative ideas for coffee tables include ottomans (ideal for additional storage), nest tables, side or end tables.

Do coffee tables and end tables have to match?

Similarly, to TV stands, your coffee table and end table do not need to match but once again, keep colours and styles consistent to ensure an aesthetically pleasing space. Coffee tables tend to provide a central focus to the room whereas end tables are on the outer edges so having non-matching styles won’t clash but of course, having a matching set eradicates that issue entirely as you can be sure they will work in the room together.

How to pick different tables to work together?

If you don’t wish to opt for a matching set, you may want some guidance on how best to select tables that are cohesive but not the same. It is always best to select an element of each that you like and tie those in together, these include:

  • Shape
  • Wood type
  • Colour
  • Theme
  • Size


The easiest way to match up furniture is through the colour or accents, for example, if you opt for a coffee table with short black legs, then choose the same for your TV stand.


Purchasing a matching coffee table for end tables or TV stands is a great idea to maintain harmony within your living space. It is not essential to buy the items from the same set of furniture, have fun selecting different designs that work together through shape, colour or material to bring the room together. Always keep in mind the coordination and functionality of the room to be sure your living space remains comfortable, both practically and visually.

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Beste Yazici - Bx Design Studio Ltd

Beste Yazici - Bx Design Studio Ltd

This blog was written in collaboration with Beste. She is a master interior architect and the owner of Bx Design Studio Ltd. Right now, she's giving interior design lectures at HDI Paris, and running her interior architecture and graphic design company, working on various international design projects.

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