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35 Types Of Coffee Table

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Coffee tables are a home furniture essential, and they go beyond a place to pop your drink down. From storage options to display tables, a coffee table can be a real statement piece combined with functionality, but with a sea of options out there, it can be more than a little overwhelming. 


This guide will break down all your options for the different types of coffee tables, so whether you want a bold piece or something simple and practical, we’ve got you covered!

How to pick a coffee table?



When considering what coffee table to pick for your space, you should firstly think about the size of the room as well as the material and shape of the table you might want. 

Typically, a coffee table should be around half the length of your sofa with the average height of this table style coming in at 45cm but depending on the height of your sofa, you may want to alter this, so it is at a height comfortable for use when seated.

Shaped Coffee Tables

The shape is highly important when it comes to picking a coffee table, pick the wrong one and it can affect the whole dynamic of your living space.

Round Coffee Table

Round coffee tables might not be as functional with their lack of corners to fit nicely into a more rigid room design, however, they do offer a good option for those with kids due to a lack of sharp edges. A round-style coffee table tends to look best with smaller sofas or in a smaller living space especially as a long couch can shrink the appearance of a round table, so if you are looking for impact with a larger sofa, avoid this style.

Square Coffee Table

Square coffee tables, similarly, to round coffee tables, tend to work better in smaller spaces. They tend to offer a more symmetrical look and can neatly fill spare space. They tend to not be big enough for longer spaces so check your measurements to be sure a square coffee table will work with your existing décor.

Rectangle Coffee Table

If you like the look of a square coffee table but have a large seating area then perhaps a rectangular style is for you. The rectangular shape helps to break up any softer lines and shapes you may have in your living area.

Oval Coffee Table

A slightly more modern take on the traditional round coffee table, the main difference between these circular-shaped tables is that an oval coffee table works better with longer sofas and larger spaces. It’s a great alternative if you’re not that into a rectangular coffee table.

Hexagonal Coffee Table

Hexagonal coffee tables are a great alternative to round ones, especially in a room where you might require a more defined look to contrast with any softness. Hexagonal tables often tend to have a bigger surface area which heightens their practicality.

Triangle Coffee Table

Triangular designs are known for their strength, so it’s no surprise that they would be a good choice for a coffee table. It’s a versatile shape that would work well with a corner sofa.

Solution Coffee Tables

Solution coffee tables offer to resolve issues of space and storage. There are a variety of problem-solving tables on the market that you don’t have to worry about compromising on style.

Storage Coffee Table

A great way to save space is by doubling up your coffee table with storage capability. Whether it is as simple as somewhere to store books and magazines or something with the capacity to store much more, these are a practical but stylish choice as a coffee table and offer the perfect space to stash any last-minute clutter when you might have guests coming round!

Ottoman Coffee Table

Ottoman coffee tables are another practical style of table that doubles up as both storage and occasional seating. Usually upholstered, this style can even be matched to the fabric of your couch, but can make a great contrasting, statement piece too.

Nesting Coffee Table

Nesting tables offer a perfect space saving solution, if you have a small room but also sometimes require a bigger surface area from your table. Flexibility is the key feature of this style of table, as they can be used together or separately as well as offering an alternative for more confined spaces.

Trunk Coffee Table

Trunk coffee tables benefit from a large amount of storage, allowing you to keep your living space clutter-free. They tend to have a more vintage or antique vibe so would be more suited to a room of the same theme, but they are a beautiful, statement piece.

Lift Top Coffee Table

The lift top coffee table is a fantastic invention. It allows you to easily access the items stored inside the table. It is perfect for when you need to grab something quickly, as you don’t have to lift up the entire table top. If you have a large number of guests over, you can also simply lift up the tabletop and use it as an extra dining or serving surface. Finally, lift top coffee tables are very versatile. You can use them as a regular coffee table, a TV stand or workstation.

Folding Coffee Table

Ideal for small spaces, folding coffee tables are a convenient and flexible choice. It’s a great option for those that need to maximise space or move their coffee table regularly, such as for outside drinks. With the portable nature of this table, they can also easily be stored away when more floor space is required.

Tray Top Coffee Table

With removable trays, this coffee table style is great for those who like to entertain as it is ideal for serving up drinks and nibbles. Tray top coffee tables are also typically more affordable than other styles of coffee tables, making them a great option for budget-minded shoppers.

Wheeled Coffee Table

For a transportable table, a wheeled coffee table will be much gentler on any delicate flooring you might have as well as being easy to move about, so you can rearrange your living room whenever you want. They are functional and provide a unique look that will make your guests take notice. Wheeled coffee tables are also very versatile. You can use them as a regular coffee table, or you can use them as an end table. Some even use them as a TV stand.

Tiered Coffee Table

A tiered coffee table is a highly functional and practical style that allows for a bigger surface area without taking up unnecessary space in the room. A tiered table is typically taller than a traditional coffee table, which gives the illusion of more space in the room. Additionally, the tiers create an eye-catching focal point, while the legs add a touch of sophistication.

Stackable Coffee Table

Stackable coffee tables are great space savers, they allow for the option to use multiple tables when required without taking up additional space.

Material Coffee Tables

What your coffee table is constructed from will form a key part of your purchasing decision. From the rustic or traditional feel that wood can give to the more contemporary feel of metal pieces. Here are a few examples of different materials and surfaces you should consider:

Glass Coffee Table

Glass is a highly stylish material to use for a coffee table and offers a contemporary feel to a room setting. Bringing a subtlety to living space, glass coffee tables can also open up a space with their light-reflective nature.  

 It is worth bearing in mind that if you have a busy household with kids that a glass coffee table may not be a safe option as it is more prone to damage but also, grubby little fingerprints!

Wooden Coffee Table

Probably the most common material for a coffee table and a more traditional option, coffee tables made from wood are known for their durability. Wood tends to be a timeless material but the beauty of it is that if it no longer fits with your décor, you can always upcycle it to suit your theme. 

Although wood is considered a classic style, boring it certainly isn’t. With distressed, vintage styles, high gloss finishes, and even different shapes and etched designs, it has a lot of key characteristics to impress any guests.

Marble Coffee Table

Marble brings sophistication to living spaces. It’s super on-trend right now but is also a timeless classic. Genuine marble can be a real investment piece and will last the test of time. The reasons for its popularity are many, but chief among them is its unique beauty. Marble is a naturally occurring material that is quarried from the earth, and each piece is utterly unique. The veins and swirls in the stone are unlike any other, making each coffee table a true work of art. 


In addition to its beauty, marble is also incredibly durable. It is resistant to scratches and stains, and with proper care, it will last a lifetime. When selecting a coffee table, be sure to choose one that compliments the style of your home. A marble coffee table will add a touch of luxury to any space.

Stone Coffee Table

A stone coffee table is a super modern material, with a texture that looks great in a light and airy, minimalistic room. The common type of stone for a coffee table is granite, which gives a similar contemporary finish to marble and glass, but without the high price point and with much more durability.

Metal Coffee Table

A popular alternative to wood that is surprisingly more durable than its traditional counterpart. In a wide range of materials from trendy copper to wrought iron, this is a versatile material that can suit a variety of styled living spaces. Black metal coffee tables are particularly great for those looking for something more industrial.

Acrylic Coffee Table

Acrylic or plastic coffee tables are a durable, easy to clean piece which tend to be most suited to a minimal living space.

Upholstered Coffee Table

Perfect to soften a room, as well as a more protective material for those with kids or pets, upholstered coffee tables are great for those looking to tie in a coffee table with other soft furnishings in the living space.

Leather Coffee Table

Leather-covered coffee tables provide a stylish look but with a cushioning, that means it could also double up as a footstool or additional seating if required. We suggest styling it with a mirrored drink tray to add more stability for drinks.

Concrete Coffee Table

Much like stone, a concrete table is perfect for a sleek, contemporary home. With a unique finish, it looks great combined with a wooden or metal frame which makes it more durable or for a more industrial finish, keep the concrete standalone.

Trend Led Coffee Tables

If keeping up to date with home decor trends is important to you, then take a look at these to make sure your home is at the top of its trend game.

Vintage Coffee Table

Vintage-styled furniture can be a real talking point in a room. The retro feel of vintage furniture can bring a unique style to a living space. Vintage coffee tables can often be upcycled to restore original features such as doorknobs, distressed paint is also a common feature of tables with a vintage style.

Rattan Coffee Table

If there’s one material that’s everywhere right now, it’s rattan. From cupboard doors to coffee tables, this is one of the trendiest ways to style your home. Traditionally associated with outdoor furniture owing to its durable nature, it has now become a popular option for indoors. It’s a modern, hard-wearing option that leaves a living space looking on-trend.

Mirrored Coffee Table

Mirrors are renowned for creating an effect of more space and that’s no exception for a mirrored coffee table. To open up a cluttered or small space this may be the table for you, but be warned, as beautiful as they are, they require a lot of cleaning as mirrored effect furniture tends to get grubby quickly.

Low Platform Coffee Table

For those looking for a sleek, discreet coffee table to fit a minimalist theme, then a low platform coffee table may be the way forward. We would suggest keeping the colour light to maintain the subtle features of minimal living space. 


A low platform coffee table is also ideal for those who want to create a more open and airy feel in their home. By keeping the coffee table close to the ground, you can achieve a sense of space and lightness in a room.

Abstract Coffee Table

If you want a statement piece of furniture, an abstract coffee table is a great choice. Not conforming to the norm, this style of table brings a unique twist to living space and is particularly great for breaking up a room filled with sharp, defined lines.

Industrial Coffee Table

For a more contemporary but rugged style living space, industrial coffee tables are a great, impactful option. Typically made with a combination of metal and wood, this style tends to fit well in a room with exposed brick or loft style. Combine with a soft, slouchy sofa for ultimate impact.

Rustic Coffee Table

Perfect for an older style character property, rustic coffee tables are usually made with wood meaning they are hard wearing and durable. So if you’re looking for a timeless piece that will provide years of enjoyment, a rustic coffee table is the perfect choice.

Modern Coffee Table

Modern coffee tables typically have a combination of simple yet functional designs. There are no bold designs here and the most common materials are stone or metal because of their clean, simple lines.

Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table

A truly unique piece of furniture, a reclaimed wood coffee table is a true statement piece. As it is reclaimed wood, it will be an individual piece making it a real feature point.

Pallet Coffee Table

For those on a budget, pallet coffee tables are a great choice. This style of table can be a DIY project or bought pre-made but it’s a versatile piece that suits a variety of styles.

Frequently Asked Questions

How tall should a coffee table be?

Coffee tables should ideally match the height of the couch however they can be slightly lower, especially if going for a low platform style.

What are current coffee table trends?

Lower style coffee tables with round or curvilinear shapes are currently high on home décor wishlists!

How to choose the right coffee table?

The right coffee table should blend seamlessly with the rest of the space. Primarily it is a functional surface that you are placing in the middle of the room but there needs to be space for traffic to flow easily around it.

How to style a coffee table?

There are a whole variety of ways to style a coffee table from candles to vases, but coffee table books and magazines are currently very on trend. To make the most impact of this trend, match the books to the aesthetic of the table and overall style of the space.

Final Thoughts

A coffee table can make or break the style of a room so definitely consider the space overall and not just the style of the table. Whether it’s a more traditional round style or an abstract metal design you opt for, be sure to style it with on-trend coffee table books and be the envy of all your guests!

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