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How To Dress A Corner Sofa With Cushions

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Throw cushions and sofas go hand in hand, adding comfort and style through colour, texture, and shape but you may be wondering how best to arrange them on your couch? You’ll need to consider size, colour and theme. Cushions can help transform the look of not only your sofa but also your entire living room.


Cushions are also an easy item to update regularly if you so wish and certainly a more affordable option than replacing an entire suite, so it is worth understanding how best to style them. 


Use this guide to identify styles that might be suited to your living space.

How to arrange cushions on a corner sofa?

Start with the longest side of your corner sofa when arranging cushions, stick to some sort of pattern, for example, placing 2 bigger cushions on either end of the sofa, behind small accent cushions. If you have a large corner sofa then you can be more generous, such as 5 cushions, and place 1 medium cushions in the middle.


You can also overlap them all, starting with the smallest in the middle, or perhaps you’d prefer a controlled scatter.  Whichever way you choose, you can be assured that just by adding the cushions you have already made a more visually appealing couch.

Why use cushions on a corner sofa?

It is easy to underestimate the power of throw cushions, but a plain corner sofa can be quite a dull sight to behold. Combining functionality, style and support, cushions are a great styling resource that can be used to update an old sofa or to bring together a room’s décor. With something to suit all styles, they create a visually appealing and comfy space. 

Cushions are especially useful for corner sofas as they can work to improve the appearance by breaking up one large piece of colour and softening the size of a piece of furniture that is often large.

Styling cushions on a corner sofa

From chic, minimalist décor to bright, funky patterns, there are a variety of options out there to style your corner sofa with. To ensure you get a perfect combination of cushions that perfectly compliment the entire space, not just the sofa, you will want to consider:

  • The colour of the walls
  • Nearby furniture 
  • Nearby curtains or blinds 

 Read on for some top tips on how to easily dress a corner sofa using cushions with maximum design impact.

Vary sizes

Playing with different sized cushions can help to break up the sofa but also create a plush, inviting seating area. For a larger corner sofa, go for a mix of 2-3 cushions within each of the size categories of small, medium and large. 


By playing with sizes, you are creating some interesting lines and shapes breaking up any singular shades coming from the couch itself. Consider introducing colours from other nearby items such as curtains or blinds for a more put-together look.

Pick a theme or colour palette

Themes and complementary colour palettes are a great way to keep a coherent style across an entire space, as well as providing an alternate way to inject colour into a muted toned sofa. Using several similar tones of the same colour works well to pull a room together whilst adding another dimension to the space. 


Alternatively, introducing a brighter colour through cushions that flatters the room’s existing décor can look striking whilst adding further definition.


Matching fabrics and colours present a very polished feel to a space, but there are no rules in the world of cushions and they certainly don’t have to match. Choosing a slightly more eclectic array of throw pillows will make a more personal and unique looking space with a touch of creativity. 


To pull off this look, you still need to exercise a degree of control to keep the styling balanced. Try to avoid them appearing too symmetrical but keep sizing similar, many opt for a slightly smaller middle cushion to draw the eyes in. Pick no more than 3 colours for the cushions to avoid a real visual headache but various patterns and textures are a must!


Three is an important number in the home décor world, as almost everything looks better styled in a trio and cushions are no exception to this. 


Two pairs of three cushions, one at either end of your corner sofa can be an effective way to dress your corner sofa. Of course, this doesn’t need to be three of the same cushion. Mix complementary styles to create a strong look that brings your living space together.

Combine plain and pattern

A popular and affordable way to style cushions is to mix and match one pattern and one plain colour. It creates a balanced look whilst still allowing you to introduce some of the room’s overall décor into it.

Introduce shapes

Using shaped cushions on your sofa helps to create some visual interest. It is a fun, light-hearted and playful way to use throw pillows and is also great if your corner sofa is situated in a less formal setting such as a child’s playroom.


Whilst placing home décor in trios is a general rule of thumb, when aiming for a sleek, modern look paired cushions tend to work best as minimalistic themes require simplicity. Choose muted tones in a similar palette, for example, if your sofa is grey then opt for similar grey tones or white to create a chic, simplistic feel. When choosing cushions for a beige sofa, you have a lot of flexibility due to the nature of beige matching with almost all colours.


For those with a smaller corner sofa, consider placing a trio of cushions in the centre of the couch for a less overwhelming look. You can also do this with larger corner sofas if you place three cushions in the centre of each arm of the L-shape. This is a much neater way to style cushions and keeps plenty of seating free.

How many cushions on a corner sofa?

You want your cushions to be impactful without reducing the functionality of the couch. Of course, it will entirely depend on the size of your corner sofa, but 3 to 6 cushions should be enough. Try to keep it to an odd number as this is more effective at capturing visual interest in a room.

Can I add a throw with cushions on a corner sofa?

Including a throw on a corner sofa alongside cushions might sound like a lot of different textiles cluttering up valuable seating space, however, the addition of a throw can add a contrasting colour or texture as well as making the couch a more comfortable and inviting place to sit. 


Place your throw over the arm of the sofa and then place some cushions in that corner to make a layered look that’s visually impactful. For corner sofas with a chaise section, placing a throw on the chaise can be a wise option as cushions don’t tend to stay on there.


If you wish to retain a more elegant and formal setting, then a throw is unlikely to be an item you wish to add as this look is really for those wanting to portray ultimate cosiness.


Dressing your corner sofa with cushions is a necessary part of decorating your living space, they can provide some much-needed texture, colour and pattern whilst working to tie in other features of the room. The way you use cushions on your couch gives a great opportunity to introduce the overall style of your home and personality whilst injecting some fun, playful notes.

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