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12 Board Game Coffee Tables for All Games

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Coffee tables double up as games tables incredibly effectively; their low and usually spacious design can fit lots of people around, whilst also holding the game in question (and its paraphernalia) without ever feeling cluttered. But not all game coffee tables are created equal, and whilst one table might be ideal for one game, it might not be what’s needed for another. 


With that in mind, we’ve put together 12 of the best board game coffee tables for all games. So whether you’re a poker lover or a board game ‘cofficianado’ (see what we did there) you’ll get the inspiration you’re looking for.

What is the Point of a Gaming Table?

The point of a gaming table is exactly that – gaming. And over the past couple of years, thanks to the Coronavirus pandemic, many of us got far more into board games (and other similar table-based games) than we ever had before. Of course, for some, that was just a passing phase, something to while away the hours whilst the pandemic went by, but for others – they were well and truly bitten by the board game bug.


If that sounds like you, then you need to up your coffee table game. After all, you’re not just using it to put large books (which you never read) on anymore. A good board game/general gaming coffee table needs to be solid, easily cleanable and maximise the space it has at its disposal.

Let’s start with a board game coffee table for the traditionalists amongst you out there. Manufactured by OzzyTreasures on Etsy, this beautiful wooden coffee table comes with hinged, foldable top panels, with one side offering a plain, but still beautiful coffee table appearance, whilst the reverse presents you with both backgammon and chess options.


What’s more the table comes with ample drawer storage for your game pieces, and sits on solid, skillfully carved table legs. Sitting as low to the ground as it does, this is truly one of the best coffee table coffee tables on our list.

If you or any of your family members are lovers of Dungeons and Dragons (or other similar TRPGs) then this next coffee table (or more accurately, perhaps, table topper) is a dream come true. Designed to sit flush atop your coffee table, this wooden-encased screen is designed to display your digital game board or map, on top of which you can place your physical game character pieces. Pretty cool, right?

The downside? Such a bespoke piece is going to cost you a pretty penny or two. In fact, this coffee table topper will set you back well over $1,400.00. This isn’t the most expensive item on this list, so what’s the problem? Well, you’ve got to remember that you’re not purchasing a full coffee table here, rather an accessory that goes on top of one. So, at that price, you might have to be finding real dungeon treasure to afford it, but if you can, then why wouldn’t you want such an innovative gaming item?

Fancy getting your buddies around for a few rounds of poker? Then this coffee-table-style poker table is the perfect solution. With a beautifully inserted baize for the cards and chips to be played, surrounded by an expertly crafted wooden exterior, this table will have your friends and family coming round again and again.

As far as games tables go, this isn’t a bad hand, it’s a positive royal flush. Note that, as with many of the gaming coffee tables on this list, this poker table doesn’t come with chairs, stools or benches included.

Now, this is a purpose-built jigsaw table, but we think it would also work absolutely perfectly as a coffee table when not in use for your puzzles. It’s also one of the cheapest tables on our list so if you’re operating on more of a budget then this is most definitely the table for you.


With multiple sliding drawers in which to store your individual jigsaw pieces, this table is perfect to get the whole family sitting down around it and scratching their heads as to who’s got the corner pieces! It’s light frame means it’s easily moved if needed, and the wooden finish will fit most homes, old or new.

Were you an avid Nintendo fan growing up? Do you want to extend that love into your current life by adding this nostalgic coffee table to your line up? With enough space to play board games on itself, this is one for the true gamers out there; what’s more, the B and A buttons are just calling out to have drinks placed on them, they’re the perfect shape!


Available on Etsy, this coffee table will set you back over $700, but with such care and craftsmanship on show, it’s hard to argue with that price. The only thing to watch out for with a piece like this is not to spill any food or drink over it if you’re going to use the table itself for gaming, as its design may make it harder than other tables to clean.

Hexagonally-shaped and beautifully crafted, Hex is an Anglo-German coffee/gaming table manufacturer that’s made a name for itself thanks to the customizability of its products and the accessories you can bolt on to your purchase, which include: additional table leaves, dice bins, cup holders, upholstered gaming benches and even specially-cut wine glass holders for when game night gets boozy!

If money isn’t an option and you really want something that’ll wow your guests, then look no further than this walnut/epoxy resin coffee table which can be purchased from Etsy. With a stunning polished grain finish, and traditional game pieces (ranging from playing cards to counters) housed within the resin, this isn’t just a coffee table with a board game twist, it’s quite simply an art piece. Yes, it’s expensive, but what you’re paying for is unmatched quality and style, and really, you can’t put a price on that.

If you’re operating on more of a budget, that’s no reason why you too shouldn’t still be able to get a high-quality gaming coffee table. This model from Ikea is a very solid offering on the lower end of the price spectrum.

Whilst it might not break any records when it comes to style or innovation, it more than makes up for this with the fact that it’s solid, spacious enough to play a good number of board games on, and, most importantly, it’s cheap. Very cheap, in fact. At well under $100, this is by far the cheapest gaming coffee table on our list.

Playing board games and completing puzzles with toddlers and small children is one of life’s greatest joys. The sheer amount of pleasure they get from slotting that final jigsaw piece, or seeing those hungry, hungry hippos eat up their dinner is really a beautiful thing to behold.


If you’re going to have your little one playing games with you, though, they’ll also inevitably be running around it too, zooming this way and that.


In these instances, it’s important that you have a coffee table with curved edges, or even better, one that’s entirely round – just like this gorgeous table from Birch Lane, which oozes with rustic farmhouse charm.

If you’re looking for a coffee table that can double up on function, offering not just a space for board games (and other games, too) but for your regular coffee table books, remotes, magazines, drinks and other bits and bobs, then look no further than this outstanding solid wood coffee table from Haynes Furniture.

In fact, it’s marketed as a cocktail table so you can even use it to get your friends around once in a while, and have a Margherita or two! Just make sure the kids are asleep first!

We all know the importance of the environment, and how vital it is that we do our bit to look after it, moving forward. Particularly with the increasing severity of the global climate crisis. Sometimes, doing our bit can be something as simple as purchasing a product made from recycled materials.


Made from recycled elm, this – frankly stunning coffee table isn’t just going to become the centerpiece of your room (and offer ample gaming space) it’s also helping you do your bit for the environment, too. What’s not to like?

Designed in the style of an old-fashioned travel case, this trunk coffee table doesn’t just offer a flat playing surface for your board games, card games and jigsaw puzzles, it also offers an incredible amount of storage in which to keep them, too. That means that as soon as you’ve finished playing, you’re not left with endless amounts of clutter, but instead a nice, tidy living space for you to sit back and relax in. No fuss, no clutter, just uncompromising style.

Final Thoughts…

Having written this, we’re now itching to go off and actually play some of these games – we hope that you are too! Why not check out some of our other home interior and decor inspiration blog posts whilst you’re at it? Click here to read more!

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