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50 Different And Unusual Lighting Ideas

Are you getting bored with your lighting and fancy a change? Although lighting isn’t the first thing you consider  when thinking about your home decor, it is a major part of the overall look-especially during the darker, autumn and winter months.  It creates atmosphere and excitement as well as being functional.   Read on to… Continue reading 50 Different And Unusual Lighting Ideas

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Summer House And Garden Room Lighting Ideas

A summer house or garden room gives extra space for you to enjoy a home office, yoga studio, spare bedroom or simply somewhere quiet to read.  However, if you want to use it all year round and in the evenings you will need to consider how to light it.     This is an element quite… Continue reading Summer House And Garden Room Lighting Ideas

11 Alcove Lighting Ideas

Alcoves and niches play a large part in home design, particularly in bathrooms and kitchens.  They create interest by breaking up otherwise boring, straight walls and quite often add useful, extra shelf space.  You will often find them in period houses, where the chimney breast creates natural alcoves to either side.    Naturally these areas… Continue reading 11 Alcove Lighting Ideas