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10 Amazing Round Coffee Table with Storage Ideas

round coffee table with storage and stool

Coffee tables are beautiful accessories to any living room, but they can serve more of a purpose than simply being aesthetically-pleasing surfaces on which to put drinks and remote controls. With a round coffee table with storage, you get the extra space to put away those few bits that might otherwise end up as focus-drawing […]

Why Do Wine Racks Lean Forward?

There’s a good reason why wine racks lean forward. It’s all about keeping that vintage wine in good condition.  Essentially any wine that has a natural cork as its stopper is in danger of allowing air into the bottle which causes the wine to spoil.  The cork will dry out over time and shrinks-allowing air […]

10 Other Uses For Wine Racks

What better way to get your wine rack back in shape than with one of these great ideas?   If you’re looking for other uses for wine racks, then have a look at our list below. We’ve compiled some clever tips and hacks that will not only help the environment, but will also give your […]

10 Different Types Of Wine Rack

If you have been looking at  buying a wine rack, you will have realised there are a lot of designs out there and it can be confusing trying to decide which one is best for you.  As well as choosing one that you like the look of you will need to consider the space you […]

What Makes a Good Wine Rack? – Pro Tips On Choosing The Right One

One of the best parts about drinking at home is being able to stock your own personal wine collection. Having a wine rack in your home also offers personal style to your kitchen or dining room.   But what makes a good wine rack and which is the best type of wine rack?     […]

Where To Put A Wine Rack In The House

Whether it’s with an evening meal or enjoyed with a friend after a busy day to relax, a glass of wine is an essential in most adults’ homes. But, while few of us have the means to house our very own wine cellar, we can all find the space for a quintessential wine rack somewhere. Now, […]

Space Saving Wine Rack | Unique Ideas and Designs

Space Saving Wine Rack | Unique Ideas and Designs Whether you have a collection of ten or a thousand wine bottles, wine racks provide the most secure and convenient way to store them. They also add to the decor of your home, so when guests come around to visit they will be in awe of […]

The 20 Coolest Wine Racks In 2022

Whether you are a red, white or rosé fan, where and how you store your wine is something to take seriously – especially when updating your kitchen or dining room.  Investing in a quality wine rack not only keeps your bottles in tip top condition but can make a real design statement if you choose […]