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Natural kids room design

This is how we suggest making a kids room look natural: Answer: It is important to incorporate a space into the room that is dedicated exclusively to all their needs. A child’s bedroom should be their own private space free from the stresses and demands of the rest of the house. This way, they can… Continue reading Natural kids room design

Big wooden timber frames for your home

Timber frames are used to provide a face for buildings, buildings that otherwise would have been constructed from brick, stucco, or stone. In the late nineteenth century the use of timber-frame construction was common in major structures.However it became an uncommon use of materials after the industrial revolution because there were abundant supplies of inexpensive,… Continue reading Big wooden timber frames for your home

Unique oven and dishwasher combined

2 burners, and oven and a dish washer drawer. What more could you possibly ask for? Consider a combined dishwasher and oven- the most efficient way to cook, preheat your oven automatically on time, and then wash up in your dishwasher! Hygienic and efficient. Alternatively you could get an appliance that combines a fridge with… Continue reading Unique oven and dishwasher combined

Modified Sea Container Home

Container homes are a great way to save money If you buy one, make sure it’s in good condition with no holes or major damage The only things you need to modify the home is an electrician and plumber A container home can be made into anything from a guest house to a family home… Continue reading Modified Sea Container Home

What makes a good wine rack? Tips to choosing the right one

The best part about drinking at home is being able to stock your wine rack. Having a wine rack in your home offers a little bit of personal style to your kitchen or dining room. ┬áBut what is the best type of wine rack? Are wood or metal wine racks better? And Why do wine… Continue reading What makes a good wine rack? Tips to choosing the right one

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