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Natural kids room design

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This is how we suggest making a kids room look natural:


It is important to incorporate a space into the room that is dedicated exclusively to all their needs. A child’s bedroom should be their own private space free from the stresses and demands of the rest of the house. This way, they can feel like kings and queens when in it and it becomes an escape for them. Here are some basic guidelines to consider when designing a kids room: Leave plenty of headspace between furniture and walls so kids don’t hurt themselves by bumping their heads on things in their play area or accidentally slamming doors in anger in this sensitive area. Establish ownership concerns early on by putting family photos around the room – next to posters, on shelves or mantles, within easy reach of

-Start by picking a color or theme to stay with throughout the room. This should be a calming color – nothing too bright!
-Pick furniture that can be painted using Earth tones. Chances are, the wood may have already been finished in bright colors and this won’t need to happen again.
-Pick paint colors from within your chosen palette so everything will match nicely. However, you don’t want a light color for a child’s room unless they like sleeping in very dark rooms (in which case, choose black). Opt for natural colors like olive green or coral pink instead of silver or gray if possible. These colors make children feel calm and secure; never use hot reds or yellows because these signify danger to

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