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Different Color Couches & Sofas 2023 | Ideas and Matching

different color couches and sofa

When it comes to decorating your living room, one key decision you will need to make is whether to choose matching or different color sofas, and it can be hard to pick couch colors that suit both your personal preference and the aesthetic of the room.   Matching couches create a cohesive and harmonious look, […]

Couch/Sofa in Front of Bed | Tips, Designs, and Inspiration

white couch and bed

You might not think it, but a sofa in front of a bed is an excellent addition to a bedroom and one that helps polish off the final look.     This cosy way of styling a bedroom adds a touch of practicality with extra seating, but it can take a lot of work to get […]

12 Garden Room Sofa Ideas

If you are using your summer house for a separate living or lounging area you will no doubt want to make it both stylish and cosy. Arguably the most important factor for both aesthetics and comfort is the sofa, so making the right choice is crucial to creating a summer house paradise.   Depending on the […]

10 Coffee Table Ideas For A Reclining Sofa

Reclining sofas are great for relaxing at the end of a long day or on a lazy Sunday afternoon. But what can interfere with that laid back feeling is the necessity to get up every time you want a cup of tea or to reach for your glasses.     A conventional coffee table placed in […]

How To Dress A Sofa With A Throw

For us, going to a well-designed hotel starts with the lobby or lounge. They’re there to make the first impression – and when it comes to hotels, those definitely count. A lobby should invite guests in, ooze comfort and act as the host to conversations over coffees or night caps. If you want to recreate […]

How To Mix And Match Sofas And Chairs Like A Pro

Choosing living room furniture can be a stressful task, and it can be an even bigger challenge finding a set of sofas and chairs to match your decor. Often, matching sets are very expensive and you may end up paying a premium, even though it’s not exactly what you were looking for.   But did […]

How To Mix And Match Pillows on a Sofa | Pro Designer Tips

Figuring out what pillows will suit the decor of your home is always a challenge that most people find difficult. In this article we will show you how to mix and match pillows on your sofa, so your furniture will suit your home perfectly. What Is the Purpose of Throw Pillows Throw pillows are little […]

Choosing Cushions For A Beige Sofa | Pro Decor Tips

A beige sofa creates the perfect canvas for a range of colours, textures and designs, all to compliment your furniture without being too bold. This colour sofa is timeless, and can be easily adapted to current trends using cushions, by changing the cushion covers and selecting various different sizes of cushions to add depth to […]