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Big wooden timber frames for your home

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Timber frames are used to provide a face for buildings, buildings that otherwise would have been constructed from brick, stucco, or stone.

In the late nineteenth century the use of timber-frame construction was common in major structures.
However it became an uncommon use of materials after the industrial revolution because there were abundant supplies of inexpensive, mass-produced bricks and mortar at cost quantums much lower than wood salvaged from forests at time when there was a glut in lumber production. Frame lumber could be obtained cheaply with no effort other than cutting down some trees; whereas obtaining quarried stone enclosed significant costs in terms of equipment and labor overland haulage had to be carried out by wagons pulled by horses or oxen on dirt roads.

There is a time and place for wooden timber frames – but they must be styled correctly. Utilizing the correct materials to create your frame allows for consistency throughout your home decor, regardless of room or space.

Wooden frames are appropriate if you prefer a natural look, want to embrace the elegance of rustic design, and/or want an overall warmer overall aesthetic. However, keep in mind that all materials will eventually show signs of wear and tear with time; including wooden frames. To circumvent this problem, we recommend purchasing durable hardwood lumber that specifically resists denting for longer-lasting protection. Ask yourself: do you like visible knots? Are heavy textures part of what’s important to make your house feel like yours? These questions

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