6-18-14 by: ADMIN

We all know that fashion in clothing and furniture changes with time. Well the same is true for homes and that is not just true with cabinets and countertops but with the layout and even the size. During the recession many people wanted smaller home because there is less to clean and heat. Now the trend is changing but just by a little bit. People do not seem to be going back to the McMansion that was so popular before the real estate crash.

So what is really popular now? Open floor plan everyone just loves that. There is no wasted room and when you have guests you can be with your company even if you are still fixing the meal. The most popular aspect of this design is that the family room is open right into the kitchen (like this one) and there is no formal living room. I can say from my own house that does not have an open floor plan that I tell people the only thing I do not like is having a formal living room. I say that the only thing we use our living room for is to walk through and unfortunately to set stuff in as we go in or out of the house.

And if you can also have a game room extend right off the family room that is even better. The entire party can go on without anyone being left out in another room.

And of course unlike the past where everyone liked wall to wall carpet (why I will never know) now everyone wants hardwood flooring. The floors are a large part of the décor because as you know it is everywhere. And if you keep one floor going throughout the house then the home will look much larger. The hardwood or engineered wood is much more durable than it used to be so I would not hesitate to put it in the kitchen just make sure you wipe up any large spills immediately. I still prefer tile in the bathroom (except the powder room) because that floor can get really wet when people get out of the shower or bath.

There are other features that are popular now but I will have to go into those later as I’m out of time today.