Thinking of selling your home and wondering if the expense of staging a home is worth it? Well as a Realtor I can assure you that it will make a huge difference. You should be able to sell if for at least enough to offset the cost of staging. So if you spend $2000 to stage it I would expect to get a least $5000 more in the net sales price (really you should be able to get more). I was part owner of a condo with a fabulous view and at first we thought  with the beautiful renovations and the view the condo would sell itself. So here is a picture of the living room and the view before we staged it.



What we found out is that people cannot image the room with furniture in it and that stops them from being able to image how they would live in the home. This is really a great room and so you have to image more than one purpose for this room.



Now we have the same room with a living room set in it. What most people can do with furniture placed is start to image how they would place their own furniture even if their furniture does not look anything like what the home is staged with. Also when you add small decorations and pictures they can start to think of what walls they would put pictures on and where they would put the TV.

After this condo was staged it sold within a week and many people who had seen it both ways were just shocked on what a difference the furniture made. Another thing that furniture does is cut down on the echo. All empty homes have an echo especially if they do not have wall to wall carpeting. In this case the echo was so loud that people could not image what it would be like furnished. Once the furniture was in the echo was dramatically reduced.

So stage your home for sale.